Item #59 1653 Woman English Printer Gertrude Dawso
1653 Woman English Printer Gertrude Dawso
1653 Woman English Printer Gertrude Dawso

1653 Woman English Printer Gertrude Dawso

1653. Item #59

[WOMAN PRINTER] [ANTI-SEMITISM] Eleazar Bar-Isaiah, pseud. "A Jew
born." A Vindication Of The Christians Messiah, (Viz.) That Jesus
Christ the Sonne of God is the true Messiah prophesied of, or foretold
by all the holy men of God who were the Writers of the old Testament,
from Genesis unto the Prophet Mallachy. As also proved out of their
own beloved Talmouth. Wherein is also declared, the Coherence which
the Old Testament hath with the New, as to that particular. As also a
clear proof of the Trinity in Unity, (Viz.) That the Father, Sonne,
and Spirit, are but one God. Against the generall received opinion of
the Jewes. London, Gertrude Dawson, 1653. 4to., 18 x 13 cm., T.p.
toned and frayed, last leaf with some toning and fraying. Complete.
(10), 66 p. dedicated: To the Supreám Authority, the Parliament etc.
Binding: Modern boards and half morocco. VERY RARE IN COMMERCE. No
copies in the auction records since 1984. Eleazar Bar-Isaiah
evidently served in the Royalist army prior to this treatise against
the Jews that fits in the with the greater trends towards Sabbatean
and Messianic beliefs, spurred by the tumultuous times of the
Interregnum. It is recorded however that his conversion may have also
been disingenuous and prompted largely by the love of a woman who
refused otherwise to marry him. This is also a very interesting
imprint by one of the more notable women printers of 17th century
England, Mrs. Gertrude Dawson, who had an establishment opposite
Half Moon tavern, Aldersgate Street, London. Dawson inherited the
printing house in 1648 and demonstrated an interest in fine printing
despite the increasingly commercial and cheap productions of the
period. She inherited ornaments, such as a variation on an Aldine
device form her husband, but also had herself cut a new font of roman
type after taking over the business - something unusual and
enterprising as she could have clearly relied upon the still
functioning inherited typefaces. In that regard, it might be noted
the rather charming detail that the headers in the tract are are
unusual example that incorporates a little "bat"

Price: $1,450.00